Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy

Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy combines all 3 games on one Blu-Ray disc. For gamers who played the Prince of Persia games previously will find that this trilogy is quite a refreshing change from the games of the past.

The main upgrades to Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy is the graphics on the Blu-Ray disc. The scenes are fantastically recreated using HD and makes the game all the more enjoyable to play. With sharp, crisp graphics and a good storyline this series is a must for gamers who like adventure. Whether you are new or played the games before you will find it exciting and a real addictive adventure. The acrobatic performances are mesmerizing. The puzzles are complicated but once you figure them out it will be an accomplishment well worth discovering. It will give you a sense of relief to know that Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy is money well spent.

The combat remains simple as in previous versions. The acrobats of the Prince are far more challenging than the actual fighting. You fight a large number of different assailants, but the variety of your technique is somewhat limited to just a few simple moves. Perhaps it is better this way, it eliminates confusion and makes it easy to make a kill. There are many traps and dungeons as you climb, jump and crawl your way through the castle.

The story is narrated by an almost human voice that is very realistic. It has a good solid storyline and you definitely can’t complain of boredom. All ages will enjoy the entertaining characters. Warrior within was primarily targeted at the teen market, so adult gamers felt left out and disappointed when they played the game. It is the episode where the Prince tries to prevent the sands of time from forming in the first place. The map wasn’t much of an aid as it didn’t do a good job. It also seems that many scenes are repeated and you are fighting the same enemies over and over a number of times. In the new version the Prince has a more effective way to navigate and as he jumps and climbs the excitement reaches new heights. Never a boring moment and pleasant surprises can turn up at every corner. The action is fast moving. The music is appropriate to set the mood and you won’t want to put the controls down easily.

It is surprising that an older game can still be exciting to play. But Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy isn’t just another blast from the past. The developers have made a good job of ensuring the upgrade is different and provides the same fun you had years ago when you played the first Prince of Persia. It became a classic then and it becomes a classic for the second time round.

If you like adventure and puzzle games, you can’t go far wrong by trying Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy. If you never played it before it will be a good time to start finding out what the hype is all about.

Source by Clifford Abrahams